Mitsubishi Pajero Plug & Play Traction On/Off Rocker Switch Loom Produced By Cronos. (OEM Buttons)

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This is a plug and play traction control on/off system for the Gen 4 Mitsubishi Pajero /Montero 2007 to 2021.

The kit includes:

1. Plug & Play Traction Loom

2. Traction On/Off Switch (3 Types Available to Choose When Ordering)

3. Detailed Step By Step Installation Guide & Video

The kit has several important advantages when installed on your Pajero:

-Its plug and play into the ASTC ECU meaning no cutting of critical ABS wires and no risk of short circuits, less risk of voiding of warranty and easily reversible. Installation is easy and do it yourself with full step by step guide

-It allows the traction control to be turned off anytime

-The plug & play loom has the ability for those Pajeros with factory diff lock to be able to turn traction control back on when the rear diff lock is engaged. This simulates a Front Diff Lock by allowing the traction control to lock the slipping front tires (this is known as poor man's front diff lock)

-Video explanation on how it works: 

-Video of the front diff simulator in self recovery: 


Common Question: I have ASC OFF button, why do I need The Traction Loom?

If you drive offroad in soft sand, mud or between sealed and unsealed roads with your Pajero the Activity Stability Control (ASC), traction control and ABS on the car will kick in the wrong time when the wheels lose traction killing the power and momentum resulting in the car getting stuck.

The ASC OFF switch on the Pajero only turns off Active Stability control but traction control and ABS remains to be on all the time. Our loom is the only way to turn off traction control and ABS completely. That way your car can deliver maximum power without interruption to the wheels when driving off-road.

With one button the loom turns off all three systems all together.


Installation Ease Level:

-Easy, requires removal of the dashboard underneath the radio. Detailed instructions & video link are provided with the package


*Only compatible for 2007 to 2021 Generation 4 Pajero/Shogun (petrol 3.8, diesel 3.2) that come equipped with the ASC OFF switch.

**Pajero's that are not equipped with Factory Rear Diff, the car needs to be restarted to switch traction back on.

***This product is purchased and operated at buyer own risk. When purchasing the Pajero Traction Control Loom, the buyer agrees not hold 4x4Tech responsible for any injury or harm caused by switching the Traction Control off and will not hold 4x4Tech liable for any damages to the car and or loss of the vehicle warranty. 

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